World Taekwondo Ranking Male Kyorugi March 2024 Official

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World Taekwondo Ranking Male Kyorugi March 2024 Official

The World Taekwondo Ranking Kyorugi for March 2024 has fair been discharged, checking an energizing time for competitors within the wear. This ranking reflects taekwondo practitioners’ hard work and dedication worldwide and provides a great opportunity for athletes to assess their standing and set new goals for future performances. Additionally, it offers valuable information for coaches, trainers, and national teams as they plan for upcoming competitions. Overall, it’s an important tool for the taekwondo community to track progress and strive for excellence in the sport. 

Alliance has distributed the official male Kyorugi rankings for March 2024, highlighting the driving competitors within the don and their current positions. Here is the list:

World Taekwondo Rankings Male March 2024

Top 10 World Kyorugi Ranking

Senior Division M-54 kg Sub Category

1. Tae-Joon PARK – Republic of Korea

2. Josip TESKERA – Croatia

3. Hugo ARILLO VAZQUEZ – Spain 


5. Omar Gergely SALIM – Hungary


7. Mahdi HAJIMOUSAEI – Islamic Republic Of Iran

8. Konstantinos DIMITROPOULOS – Greece

9. SHAHZAIB KHAN – Pakistan

10. Tom PASHCOVSKY – Israel

Senior Division M-58 kg Sub Category

1. Adrian VICENTE YUNTA – Spain

2. Vito DELL’AQUILA – Italy

3. Mohamed Khalil JENDOUBI – Tunisia 

4. JUN JANG – Republic of Korea

5. Jack WOOLLEY – Ireland

6. Cyrian RAVET – France

7. Jun-seo BAE – Republic of Korea


9. BAILEY LEWIS – Australia

10. MAHDI HAJIMOUSAEI – Islamic Republic Of Iran

Senior Division M-63 kg Sub Category

1. Hakan RECBER – Turkiye

2. Zaid ALHALAWANI – Jordan

3. Yushuai LIANG – People’s Republic Of China

4. Joan JORQUERA CALA – Spain

5. Lovre BRECIC – Croatia

6. Dennis BARETTA – Italy

7. Souleyman ALAPHILIPPE – France

8. Gabriel RAMOS – Brazil


10. Banlung TUBTIMDANG – Thailand

Senior Division M-68 kg Sub Category

1. Ulugbek RASHITOV – Uzbekistan

2. Bradly SINDEN – Great Britain

3. Zaid KAREEM – Jordan

4. Javier PEREZ POLO – Spain

5. Ho-Jun JIN – Republic of Korea

6. Levente Mark JOZSA – Hungary

7. Bernardo PIE – Dominican Republic

8. Konstantinos CHAMALIDIS – Greece

9. Khalfani HARRIS – United States of America

10. Ali ALIAN – Sweden

Senior Division M-74 kg Sub Category

1. Marko GOLUBIC – Croatia

2. Stefan TAKOV – Serbia

3. Daniel QUESADA BARRERA – Spain

4. Nedzad HUSIC – Bosnia and Herzegovina

5. Edival PONTES – Brazil

6. Firas KATOUSI – Tunisia


8. Lin KOVACIC – Slovenia

9. Zurab KINTSURASHVILI – Georgia


Senior Division M-80 kg Sub Category

1. Simone ALESSIO – Italy

2. CJ NICKOLAS – United States of America

3. Seif EISSA – Egypt

4. Geon-woo SEO – Republic of Korea 

5. Saleh ELSHARABATY – Jordan

6. Richard Andre ORDEMANN – Norway

7. Apostolos TELIKOSTOGLOU – Greece 

8. WOO HYEOK PARK – Republic of Korea

9. Shukhrat SALAEV – Uzbekistan

10. Miguel TREJOS SALAS – Colombia

Senior Division M-87 kg Sub Category

1. Ivan SAPINA – Croatia

2. Sanghyun KANG – Republic of Korea

3. Icaro Miguel MARTINS SOARES – Brazil

4. Nikita RAFALOVICH – Uzbekistan

5.  Mingkuan MENG – People’s Republic Of China 

6. Ahmad RAWY – Egypt

7. Patrik DIVKOVIC – Slovenia

8. Mahdi KHODABAKHSHI – Serbia

9. Bryan SALAZAR – Mexico

10. MICHAEL C. RODRIGUEZ – United States of America

Senior Division M+87 kg Sub Category

1. Cheick Sallah CISSE – Cote D’ivoire

2. Carlos SANSORES – Mexico

3. Emre Kutalmis ATESLI – Turkiye

4. Maicon SIQUEIRA – Brazil 

5. Caden CUNNINGHAM – Great Britain

6. Jonathan HEALY – United States of America

7. Zhaoxiang SONG – People’s Republic Of China


9. Dejan GEORGIEVSKI – North Macedonia

10. Pasko BOZIC – Croatia


The World Taekwondo Ranking for Male Kyorugi in March 2024 may be a comprehensive list of the best competitors within the sport. It considers various worldwide competitions and occasions to decide the finest competitors within the world.

By remaining overhauled on the rankings, competitors, coaches, and fans can track the advance and execution of their favorite competitors. Moreover, the positioning framework can serve as inspiration for competitors to endeavor for the best positions in their particular weight categories. 


Is Taekwondo a sport?

Yes, Taekwondo is indeed considered a sport. It is a Korean martial art that emphasizes kicking and punching techniques, as well as self-defense. Taekwondo is also recognized as an Olympic sport, with competitions held at the international level. Participants in Taekwondo competitions demonstrate their skills and techniques through forms (patterns) and sparring matches. The sport also places a strong emphasis on discipline, respect, and self-control, making it a popular choice for both physical activity and personal development.

Is Taekwondo an Olympic sport?

Yes, Taekwondo is an Olympic sport. It made its debut as a demonstration sport at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and became an official Olympic sport at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Taekwondo continues to be featured in the Summer Olympics, with both sparring (kyorugi) and forms (poomsae) competitions. It is now a regular part of the Olympic Games, with athletes from different countries vying for medals in various weight categories.

How many rules are there in Taekwondo?

Taekwondo has a comprehensive set of rules governing various aspects of the sport, including competition, safety, and etiquette. While the exact number of rules may vary depending on the organization or governing body. There are typically dozens of rules covering everything from scoring criteria to permissible techniques and conduct during matches. Practitioners must have a good understanding of these rules to participate in the sport safely and effectively.

What are Junior Taekwondo Rankings?

Junior Taekwondo rankings are classifications based on age and skill level for practitioners under a certain age, typically children and teenagers. These rankings may vary depending on the governing body or organization and are often used to organize competitions and determine eligibility for advancement in belt levels or competitions.

What are ITF Taekwondo World Rankings?

The ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) Taekwondo World Rankings are a system used to rank practitioners worldwide based on their competitive performance in ITF-sanctioned events. Rankings are updated regularly and provide a measure of an individual’s standing within the ITF Taekwondo community, aiding in seeding for tournaments and recognition of achievement.

What are Taekwondo National Rankings?

Taekwondo National Rankings are a method used to rank and honor the top taekwondo practitioners in the country. These rankings are determined by a point system and are utilized to identify the top athletes in different weight classes and age groups. The rankings are significant for athletes as they allow them to monitor their progress and establish goals for improvement. Furthermore, the rankings can also be used as a criterion for selection for national and international competitions, making them a crucial aspect of the taekwondo community.

What do you call someone who practices Taekwondo?

A person who practices Taekwondo is known as a “taekwondo practitioner” or a “taekwondo student.” They may be called a “Taekwondo athlete” if they actively compete in Taekwondo competitions. The specific term used may vary depending on context and individual preference. Taekwondo is a martial art that emphasizes kicking and striking techniques, and those who practice it are committed to refining their skills and discipline.

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