Top 10 The Best Martial Arts Styles You Should Try

Top 10 The Best Martial Arts Styles You Should Try, taekwondoking
Top 10 The Best Martial Arts Styles You Should Try

Martial arts is a universe of discipline, physicality, and profound wisdom, offering a myriad of paths for individuals to explore. Choosing the right martial art to pursue is an exciting decision that can profoundly impact your life. To help you navigate this thrilling journey, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 martial arts styles you should consider.

Martial arts have been practiced for centuries and offer a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental well-being. If you’re interested in trying out a martial art, it’s overwhelming to choose which style to pursue. To help you narrow down your options, here is a list of the top 10 martial arts styles that you should consider trying. Each style has its unique techniques and philosophies, so you can choose the one that resonates with you the most. Whether you’re looking for self-defense skills, a full-body workout, or a way to improve your discipline and focus, there’s a martial art style out there for you.

Selecting the right martial art is a deeply personal decision. Your choice should align with your goals, preferences, and individual personality. Here are some key considerations to help you determine which martial art resonates with you:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ): The Gentle Art of Submission

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often referred to as the “gentle art” because it allows smaller practitioners to control and submit larger opponents using leverage and technique. It’s a ground-based martial art that focuses on submissions like joint locks and chokes. BJJ is a valuable skill for self-defense, and it plays a pivotal role in mixed martial arts (MMA). Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ is a grappling-based martial art and one of the most practical fighting styles for street fighting. Additionally, BJJ offers an incredible workout, promoting both physical and mental development.

Why Try BJJ:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ): The Gentle Art of Submission, taekwondoking
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ): The Gentle Art of Submission

Even though it focuses on ground fighting, BJJ matches well against most striking and other grappling martial arts. It is perhaps the only fighting style that allows you to beat a physically stronger attacker. Thus, this is one of the main reasons there are so many women training in BJJ. BJJ is perfect for street fighting since most average people don’t know how to fight on the ground. If you would like to learn BJJ, the course I highly recommend.

Muay Thai: The Art of Eight Limbs

A Beginner’s Guide to Muay Thai, taekwondoking
A Beginner’s Guide to The Best Martial Arts Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial arts style from Thailand. It is known for its brutal and effective striking techniques using fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs,” Muay Thai practitioners are skilled in both offense and defense. This martial art provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout, improves flexibility, and instills discipline. Muay Thai is often an important element of MMA training. Whether you aspire to compete or simply want to get in shape while learning self-defense, Muay Thai is an excellent choice.

The Best Martial Arts Muay Thai?

The other important element of Muay Thai is fighting at close range and inside the clinch. Students learn how to use elbows and knees in the clinch and sweeps to throw the opponent off balance. Every single technique you learn can be applied in street fighting. Muay Thai training is intense and hard on your body. The emphasis is on grueling workouts that will make you stronger and improve cardio, and sparring will enhance your fighting skills at all ranges. If you would like to learn Muay Thai, the course I highly recommend.

Krav Maga: The Practical Self-Defense Systems

The Practical Self-Defense Systems is The Best Martial Arts: Krav Maga

Krav Maga is all about practical self-defense. Developed by the Israeli military, it’s designed to neutralize threats quickly and efficiently in real-world situations. Krav Maga emphasizes instinctual movements and efficient techniques that anyone can learn. Whether you’re concerned about personal safety or simply want a practical and effective form of self-defense, Krav Maga is a valuable martial art to explore.

Why Try The Best Martial Arts Krav Maga:

Krav Maga is not a sport. There are no rules, and it doesn’t include any competition. It is a system that will teach you many useful street fighting techniques you won’t find anywhere else. If you would like to learn Krav Maga, the course I highly recommend.

Taekwondo: The Art of High Kicks and Dynamic Striking

The Art of High Kicks and Dynamic Striking

Taekwondo is known for its high, fast kicks and dynamic striking techniques. It’s an Olympic sport with a strong emphasis on competition and scoring points. Taekwondo training not only develops agility, flexibility, and precision in kicks but also instills discipline and mental resilience. If you’re looking to improve leg strength and enjoy high-intensity training, Taekwondo is an excellent choice.

Free Taekwondo Training Guidelines for Beginners PDF

Ehatasamul Alom is offering a free PDF guide for beginners to learn Taekwondo. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions, training tips, and techniques for those just starting on their Taekwondo journey. Whether you’re new to martial arts or already have some experience, this guide is a valuable resource for honing your skills and mastering the art of Taekwondo. You can download your free copy today and kickstart your training with Ehatasamul Alom’s expert guidance.

Why Try The Best Martial Arts Taekwondo?

Today, taekwondo is considered one of the most popular martial arts and sports, and the number of practitioners in the world is estimated at more than 100 million. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art focused primarily on punches, blocks, strikes, and kicks. As the longest, strongest limb, fighters realized that using legs in combat gave them an edge over other fighting styles that focused on punching. The devastating power of a Taekwondo kick can drop opponents in seconds, and that is the main reason it is on our list of the deadliest martial arts in the world. 

Karate: The Way of the Empty Hand

Karate: The Way of the Empty Hand

Why Try Karate: Karate is characterized by precise punches, strong stances, and disciplined training. It’s a martial art deeply rooted in tradition and form. Karateka (practitioners of Karate) focus on perfecting techniques and mastering kata (forms). Karate promotes not only physical fitness but also mental strength and self-control. If you’re drawn to martial arts with a strong emphasis on discipline and tradition, Karate is a worthy pursuit.

Why Try The Best Martial Arts Karate?

Karate is often considered the best martial arts style for several reasons. First, Karate is a Japanese martial art focused on punches, hand/elbow strikes, kicks, and knee-striking techniques, which are highly effective in self-defense situations. Additionally, karate emphasizes discipline, respect, and self-control, helping practitioners develop important life skills. Karate also offers a well-rounded physical workout, improving strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Finally, karate provides opportunities for competition and personal growth, making it a popular choice for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Judo: The Gentle Way

A Beginner’s Guide to Judo, taekwondoking
A Beginner’s Guide to The Best Martial Arts Judo

The next martial art on the list is judo. Judo, often referred to as the “gentle way,” emphasizes throws, pins, and joint locks. Judo practitioners learn how to use an opponent’s force and balance against them. It’s a martial art that teaches adaptability, balance, and leverage. Judo is effective in self-defense situations, and its throws are commonly utilized in MMA. If you’re interested in mastering the art of grappling and throwing, Judo is a perfect choice.

Why Judo is The Best Martial Arts?

Judo is widely regarded as one of the top martial arts for self-defense due to its emphasis on using an opponent’s strength and momentum to your advantage. This means that individuals with a smaller build can effectively defend themselves against larger, stronger attackers. In addition to self-defense, Judo also promotes discipline, respect, and physical fitness, making it a comprehensive martial art for personal development.

Kung Fu: The Tapestry of Chinese Martial Arts

A Beginner’s Guide to Kung Fu, taekwondoking
The Tapestry of Chinese Martial Arts is The Best Martial Arts and A Beginner’s Guide to Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a vast and diverse world of Chinese martial arts styles, encompassing everything from graceful Tai Chi to explosive Wing Chun. It offers a holistic martial journey that includes diverse techniques, deep philosophy, and a rich cultural heritage. MMA is a martial art focused on hand/arm strikes, kicks, and even weapons training. Kung Fu is as much about self-improvement and personal growth as it is about combat. If you’re interested in exploring a wide range of martial techniques and immersing yourself in Chinese martial arts culture, Kung Fu is an exceptional path.

Why Kung Fu is The Best Martial Arts?

Kung Fu is widely regarded as one of the top martial arts because of its focus on fluid movement, self-defense techniques, and overall physical and mental discipline. The intricate and precise movements of Kung Fu help practitioners develop strength, agility, and focus. Furthermore, the philosophy behind Kung Fu encourages self-improvement and personal growth, making it a comprehensive martial art for both physical and mental development.

Kickboxing: The Power of Striking

A Beginner’s Guide to Kickboxing, taekwondoking
A Beginner’s Guide to Kickboxing

Kickboxing combines the power of boxing with dynamic kicks. It’s an exhilarating sport that offers an excellent cardiovascular workout while honing striking skills. Whether you’re interested in competitive kickboxing or simply want to improve your striking abilities, kickboxing is a fun and challenging martial art to pursue.

Kickboxing is a high-intensity workout that combines elements of boxing and martial arts, making it a great choice for those looking to improve their fitness levels and learn self-defense. It also provides a full-body workout, helping to build strength, improve flexibility, and increase cardiovascular endurance. Additionally, kickboxing can boost confidence and self-esteem, as participants learn new skills and push themselves to achieve their goals. Overall, kickboxing offers a wide range of benefits and is a fantastic martial arts style for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Why Kickboxing is The Best Martial Arts?

Kickboxing is considered one of the best martial arts for a variety of reasons. It offers a full-body workout that can improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility. In addition, kickboxing can also be an effective form of self-defense and stress relief. The combination of punches kicks, and knee strikes makes it a versatile and effective form of martial arts for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Wrestling: The Art of Control

What Is Wrestling?  taekwondoking
What Is Wrestling?

Why Try Wrestling: Wrestling is all about control, balance, and takedowns. It’s a foundational martial art in mixed martial arts (MMA) and is widely regarded for its effectiveness in controlling an opponent. Wrestling promotes strength, endurance, and mental toughness. If you’re looking to master the art of grappling and want to build a strong foundation in combat sports, wrestling is an ideal choice.

First, wrestling is among the physically hardest martial arts, and skilled wrestlers are known as some of the toughest people on the planet. They are very strong, athletic, very explosive, have insane cardio, and above all, bullet-proof mindsets. Wrestling is very practical in real life.

Why Wrestling is The Best Martial Arts?

Wrestling is a form of martial arts that combines physical strength, agility, and strategic thinking. It requires intense training and discipline, making it one of the most effective forms of self-defense. Additionally, wrestling teaches important values such as perseverance, determination, and sportsmanship. It’s also a great way to stay in shape and improve overall fitness. For those interested in martial arts, wrestling is worth considering.

Boxing: The Sweet Science of Striking 

A Beginner’s Guide to Boxing, taekwondoking
A Beginner’s Guide to The Boxing

The next martial art on the list is Boxing. Boxing is often called the “sweet science” of striking. It’s a disciplined and highly technical sport that focuses on precise punches, footwork, and ring strategy. Boxing improves punching technique, hand-eye coordination, and defensive skills. Whether you’re interested in competitive boxing or simply want to enhance your striking abilities, boxing is a rewarding martial art to explore.

Boxing At first sight, boxing might not look ideal for street fighting because boxers use only their hands to strike and do damage. Boxing is useful in street fighting because training teaches you all about the mental and physical aspects of real fighting. But despite these limitations, boxing has a lot to offer when it comes to self-defense.

Why Boxing is The Best Martial Arts?

Boxing is widely regarded as one of the best martial arts for several reasons. It offers a comprehensive workout that enhances strength, endurance, and agility. In addition, it teaches valuable self-defense skills that can be useful in practical situations. Furthermore, boxing promotes discipline, focus, and mental toughness, making it a highly beneficial martial art to study.

Choosing the Right and the Best Martial Arts:

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best martial art for you is the one that aligns with your interests, goals, and the experience you seek. Whichever path you choose, the journey of self-discovery and personal growth through martial arts is bound to be rewarding and transformative.

Trying out different martial arts styles can be a fun and enlightening journey. Each style offers unique techniques and philosophies, allowing you to discover your strengths and preferences. Remember to approach your training with an open mind and embrace the challenges that come your way. With dedication and perseverance, you can excel in any martial art style you choose to pursue.

Which Martial Art style is the best for self-defense?

Various martial arts styles prove effective for self-defense, including Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai. These styles prioritize practical techniques and real-world scenarios to equip individuals with the ability to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

Can Martial Arts help with stress and anxiety?

Yes, engaging in martial arts can be a valuable tool in managing stress and anxiety. Martial arts training often incorporates meditation, breathing exercises, and physical activity, which aid in reducing stress and promoting mental well-being. Additionally, the focus and discipline required in martial arts can enhance mental clarity and alleviate anxiety.

What is the Best Martial Art for self-defense?

The best martial art for self-defense depends on various factors such as personal preference, body type, and the situation. However, some popular martial arts styles known for their practicality and effectiveness in self-defense include Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai.

Which Martial Art is Best for Beginners?

For beginners, martial arts styles that focus on basic techniques and provide a strong foundation are recommended. Some popular martial arts for beginners include Karate, Taekwondo, and Judo. These styles often have structured training programs and emphasize discipline and technique.


What are the 11 types of Martial Arts?

There are numerous martial arts styles worldwide, each with its techniques and principles. Some common ones include Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Aikido, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Each style offers unique approaches to self-defense, fitness, and personal development.

Top 10 Martial Arts for street fighting

Choosing the best martial art for street fighting depends on personal preferences, goals, and context. However, styles like Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Jeet Kune Do are often recommended for their practical techniques, adaptability, and emphasis on self-defense in real-world scenarios. Practical training is crucial.

Best self-defense Martial Art for beginners

For beginners, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is often recommended for self-defense due to its focus on ground fighting and leveraging technique over strength. Krav Maga is also popular for its straightforward and practical techniques designed for real-life situations. Both provide effective skills with dedicated training.

25 types of Martial Arts around the world

There are numerous martial arts styles practiced globally, each with its techniques and cultural influences. Some examples include Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Aikido, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Kickboxing, Boxing, Hapkido, Wing Chun, Eskrima, and Silat, among others. Each offers unique philosophies and training methods.

Who is No 6 Martial Artist in the world?

Oh, that’s interesting! Did you know that the current No. 6 martial artist in the world is Li Lianjie, also known as Jet Li? He’s a Chinese film actor, producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion. He’s starred in numerous martial arts films and has been a prominent figure in the world of martial arts for many years.

How to learn Kung Fu?

To learn Kung Fu, find a reputable school or instructor that offers authentic training in a specific style. Attend regular classes to learn fundamental techniques, forms, and principles. Practice consistently, focus on proper technique and discipline, and gradually progress through the curriculum under the guidance of experienced instructors.

What is modern Martial Arts?

Modern martial arts refer to contemporary systems and styles developed in recent decades, incorporating traditional techniques with modern training methods and philosophies. These arts often emphasize practicality, effectiveness, and adaptability for real-life situations, blending elements from various traditional martial arts while integrating principles from combat sports and self-defense systems.

The most effective Martial Art in a real fight

There is much debate among martial artists and self-defense experts about the most effective martial art for a real fight. Some argue that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Krav Maga are the most effective for real-life self-defense situations. However, the best martial art for a real fight ultimately depends on the individual’s strength, skill level, and the specific circumstances of the situation.

How many types of Martial Arts are there in the world?

There are more than 170 different styles and disciplines of martial arts worldwide, each with its unique techniques and traditions. Some of the most popular types include karate, taekwondo, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Each style has its focus on striking, grappling, or a combination of both, providing a wide range of options for martial arts enthusiasts.

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