World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking December 2023

taekwondoking, World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking December 2023
World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking December 2023

Attention all taekwondo practitioners and enthusiasts! The World Taekwondo organization has recently announced the highly anticipated Recognized Poomsae ranking for December 2023. This ranking highlights the top performers in the art of Poomsae, which consists of prearranged movements that are crucial in taekwondo training. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a beginner seeking to enhance your skills, this ranking is a valuable resource for tracking your progress and measuring your accomplishments. Let’s delve into the specifics and explore the impressive individuals who have earned their well-deserved spots in this prestigious ranking.

As of December 2023, World Taekwondo has introduced a new ranking system for poomsae. This system is designed to assess and acknowledge the skill level of taekwondo practitioners in the discipline of poomsae, which involves performing a predetermined sequence of techniques and movements. The purpose of this new ranking system is to establish a standardized and equitable evaluation process for athletes, enabling them to monitor their progress and participate in competitions at the appropriate level. This ranking system will be implemented worldwide, allowing taekwondo practitioners from different countries to compare their skills and compete in international tournaments.

In this article, The Top 10 Male and Female World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking Player list. You can Learn It:

WT Top 10 Recognized Poomsae Ranking December Male Under 30

1. RYAN REAL – United States of America

2. JOEL VAN DER WEIDE  – Netherlands


4. WAN JIN KANG – Republic of Korea


06. RODOLFO REYES JR. – Philippines.


08. YUN-ZHONG MA – Chinese Taipei

09.ALEX ARRUDA – Brazil


WT Top 10 December Recognized Poomsae Ranking Female Under 30

01. EVA SANDERSEN  – Denmark

02. JOCEL LYN NINOBLA – Philippines

03. KAITLYN MARIE RECLUSADO – United States of America


05. KARYN REAL – United States of America

06. ARELIS MEDINA – Puerto Rico 

07. PAULA FREGOSO – Mexico

08. AXELLE BONNEZ – Belgium



World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking Male Under 40 In December

01. MINKI SEONG – United States of America


03. JAE UK JANG – Republic of Korea



06. ALI NADALI NAJAFABADI – Islamic Republic Of Iran

07. IVAN KAIC – Croatia

08. MINKI NOH – Republic of Korea

09. KEVIN LU – United States of America


World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking Females Under 40 in 


01. YN-JIN KANG  – Republic of Korea


03. ANA PATRICIA PENA PEREZ  – Dominican Republic

04. CARISSA FU – United States of America


06. LINA BACELAR – Brazil

07. KATIA PARROCHE – Switzerland

08. NINA BANSAL – Norway

09. ATOUSA FARAHMAND PARSA – Islamic Republic Of Iran 

10. LUI LOIS FONG – Canada

World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking December 2023″, is the most recent World Taekwondo Poomsae Ranking which is released every month. Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts system history and his training. This ranking is very important for the next taekwondo summer camp and taekwondo world champion. We would appreciate it if you could share it with your friends and followers. 


The World Taekwondo organization has officially acknowledged the implementation of the Poomsae Ranking system, which will take effect in December 2023. The primary objective of this new system is to establish a consistent and equitable evaluation of athletes’ performances in Poomsae competitions. Athletes’ rankings will be determined based on their scores in international competitions, with regular updates to reflect their current standing. This recognition marks a significant milestone in the advancement and promotion of Poomsae as a distinct discipline within the realm of Taekwondo. Furthermore, it will facilitate the identification and exposure of exceptionally talented athletes and serve as an inspiration for others to strive for excellence in this artistic form of martial arts.


What Is the World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking for December 2023?

The World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Ranking for December 2023 is a system that assesses taekwondo practitioners’ skills and ranks them based on their performance in Poomsae competitions. Poomsae refers to a set of prearranged movements that showcase different taekwondo techniques. The ranking system aims to acknowledge and incentivize athletes who excel in these competitions. Rankings are determined using a points system, where higher scores indicate better performance. This system serves as a valuable tool for athletes and coaches to monitor their progress and compare their abilities with those of other competitors.

How Are Taekwondo Poomsae Rankings Determined? 

Taekwondo poomsae rankings are determined based on several factors. The first factor is the performance of the competitor during a specific Poomsae routine. A panel of judges evaluates the competitor’s technique, accuracy, power, and speed. Additionally, the competitor’s understanding of the poomsae and their ability to showcase its purpose and meaning are taken into consideration. Scores are assigned by the judges based on these criteria, and the competitor with the highest score is given the highest rank. Consistent practice and improvement of Poomsae skills are crucial for competitors to achieve higher rankings.

Are There Different Categories in Poomsae Rankings?

Yes, there are various categories in Poomsae rankings. Poomsae refers to a predetermined series of movements in the Korean martial art of taekwondo. These movements are executed in a particular sequence and are evaluated based on several factors, including technique, precision, strength, balance, and presentation. Poomsae rankings are typically divided into distinct categories based on age, gender, and proficiency level. This system enables fair competition by ensuring that participants compete against others who possess a similar level of experience and skill.

How Can Athletes Improve Their Poomsae Rankings?

There are several ways for athletes to improve their poomsae rankings. First, they should focus on mastering the basic techniques and movements of poomsae. This includes practicing proper stances, kicks, punches, and blocks. Additionally, athletes should strive for precision and accuracy in their movements, paying attention to details such as hand positions and foot placement. It is also important for athletes to develop strength, flexibility, and agility, as these physical attributes will greatly enhance their performance in poomsae.

Finally, athletes should seek feedback and guidance from experienced coaches and judges, who can provide valuable insights and help identify areas for improvement. With consistent practice, dedication, and a focus on continuous improvement, athletes can significantly improve their poomsae rankings.

What Is the Significance of the World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Rankings? 

The World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Rankings are highly valued within the taekwondo community. They establish a consistent framework for assessing and comparing athletes’ performances in poomsae, which are specific sequences of taekwondo movements. These rankings play a crucial role in determining an athlete’s proficiency and can be used to make selections for various competitions and events. Furthermore, the rankings serve as a source of motivation for athletes, encouraging them to enhance their rankings and attain greater recognition in the sport.

Is There a Distinction Between Male and Female Poomsae Rankings?

Yes, there is a distinction between male and female poomsae rankings. In the sport of taekwondo, poomsae refers to a sequence of predetermined movements that simulate a fight against imaginary opponents. These movements are judged based on factors such as accuracy, power, and presentation. While the basic poomsae forms are the same for both male and female practitioners, there are typically separate rankings or divisions for males and females in competitions. This allows for fair competition and ensures that participants compete against others of their gender. Additionally, some poomsae may have slight variations in techniques or stances based on gender-specific characteristics.

What Competitions and Events Impact Poomsae Rankings in 2023?

To ensure that readers understand the key points regarding competitions and events affecting Poomsae rankings in 2023, it is crucial to present concise and pertinent details. This entails emphasizing the different factors and criteria that will impact the rankings, including the level of competition, the significance of participating in recognized events, and any modifications or revisions to the ranking system. Moreover, offering insights or predictions on how these competitions and events could influence the rankings, as well as the potential repercussions on individual athletes or teams, could be beneficial.

How Can I Access the Latest World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Rankings?

To access the latest World Taekwondo Recognized Poomsae Rankings, you can visit the official website of World Taekwondo. They regularly update and publish the rankings for various Poomsae categories. By visiting their website, you will view the current rankings and see how athletes from around the world are performing in this martial arts discipline. Additionally, you can also find other relevant information related to Taekwondo and stay updated with the latest news and events in the sport.

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