WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking November 2023

WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking November 2023. TaekwondoKing
WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking November 2023

Attention all martial arts enthusiasts! If you’re eager to find out the latest rankings for WT Freestyle Poomsae in November 2023, you’ve come to the right place. We have meticulously put together a comprehensive list of the top performers in this thrilling and ever-evolving martial arts discipline. Whether you’re a competitor seeking motivation or a fan who wants to stay current, this article is here to fulfill all your information needs. So, let’s delve into the amazing talent that is shaping the world of WT Freestyle Poomsae!

The WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking for November 2023 is an important benchmark for athletes in the world taekwondo. This ranking system allows athletes to track their progress and compare themselves to their competitors on a global scale. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current standings and the performance of athletes in freestyle poomsae. By understanding the rankings, athletes can identify areas for improvement and set goals for their future performances. The November 2023 ranking is a valuable resource for athletes and coaches alike, providing valuable insights into the current state of the sport and highlighting the top performers in freestyle poomsae.

There are types of the major category here, Freestyle Poomsae Ranking. There are also male and female individual rankings. And The name of the country, males, and females over 17. In this article, The Top 10 Male and Female World Taekwondo Poomsae Ranking Player list. You can Learn It:

Top 10 WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking Male Over 17

WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking November 2023. TaekwondoKing
Top 10 WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking Male Over 17



03. NAMHOON LEE – Republic of Korea

04. DARIUS VENERABLE – Philippines



07. JUSTIN KOBE MACARIO – Philippines

08. GEOVANNY MORALES – Guatemala

09. BORNA PECKO – Croatia

10. JINSU HA – Canada

Top 10  WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking November Female Over 17 

WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking November 2023. TaekwondoKing
Top 10  WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking November Female Over 17 

01. ADALIS MUNOZ – United States of America

02. YE EUN CHA – Republic of Korea




06. EVA SANDERSEN – Denmark 

07. HAEUN JUNG – Republic of Korea

08. ARELIS MEDINA – Puerto Rico

09. KYRA CHAN – United States of America

10. HSIN-YA CHEN – Chinese Taipei

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The WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking for November 2023 highlights the leading performers in this discipline. This ranking considers several factors, including skill level, performance quality, and competition results. Athletes can improve their rankings and earn recognition in the sport by participating in competitions and consistently enhancing their skills. The current period is an exhilarating time for freestyle poomsae enthusiasts as they aim to display their talent and leave a lasting impression on the martial arts world.


How is the World Taekwondo Freestyle Poomsae Ranking determined?

The World Taekwondo Freestyle Poomsae Ranking is determined by assessing the performance and scores of athletes participating in international competitions that are authorized by World Taekwondo. A point system is employed to calculate the ranking, with athletes earning points based on their placement in these competitions. The more superior the placement, the greater the number of points awarded. The ranking is consistently updated to accurately represent the current standings of athletes in the freestyle poomsae discipline.

Can practitioners of all ages participate in the WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking events?

Yes, individuals of all ages can take part in the WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking events. The World Taekwondo Federation permits participants from different age categories, which include children, juniors, and adults, to compete in these events.

What are the benefits of participating in Freestyle Poomsae competitions?

Participating in Freestyle Poomsae competitions offers a range of benefits. It allows practitioners to express their creativity, individuality, and style while adhering to the structured framework of the poomsae. Competing in these competitions can improve technical skills, precision, and overall performance. It also promotes personal growth, self-confidence, and discipline, as participants must invest time and effort to develop and perfect their routines. Furthermore, Freestyle Poomsae competitions provide a platform for athletes to connect with others in the martial arts community, share ideas, and learn from each other’s unique approaches.

Are there specific forms or patterns that competitors need to perform in Freestyle Poomsae?

No, in Freestyle Poomsae, competitors are not limited to pre-determined forms or patterns. Instead, they have the freedom to create their unique routines. They can incorporate various techniques and movements from different styles of Taekwondo, as long as they follow the rules and guidelines established by the competition’s governing body. This allows participants to showcase their creativity and express their individuality through their performances.

How can I register for a WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking event?

To register for a WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking event, you need to go to the official website of the World Taekwondo (WT) organization. On their website, you will find the registration process and guidelines for the specific event you are interested in. You will be required to create an account on the WT website, provide your personal information, and fill out the registration form for the event you want to participate in. It is important to thoroughly read and understand all the requirements and deadlines set by the WT to ensure a successful registration.

Are there different divisions based on age and skill level in Freestyle Poomsae competitions?

Yes, in Freestyle Poomsae competitions, there are usually different divisions based on age and skill level. Competitors are often organized into categories such as children, juniors, adults, and seniors. Within each category, there may be additional divisions based on belt rank or experience level. This system ensures that participants compete against others of similar age and skill, promoting fairness and balance in the competition.

What equipment or gear is required for a Freestyle Poomsae competition?

For a Freestyle Poomsae competition, participants typically need the following equipment or gear:

1. Taekwondo Uniform: A traditional taekwondo uniform, also known as a dobok, is necessary for the competition. It consists of a jacket, pants, and a belt.

2. Shoes: Lightweight taekwondo shoes or bare feet are usually allowed for Freestyle Poomsae competitions. It’s important to check the specific rules and regulations of the competition you’re participating in.

3. Props or Accessories (Optional): Depending on the specific theme or routine, participants may choose to incorporate props or accessories into their performance. These could include items like ribbons, fans, swords, or any other suitable props that enhance the artistic elements of their routine.

It’s important to note that the exact equipment requirements may vary depending on the competition’s rules and regulations. It’s always recommended to confirm with the event organizers or consult the competition guidelines for the specific gear and equipment needed.

Who are some notable athletes in the WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking for November 2023?

As of November 2023, there are several notable athletes in the WT Freestyle Poomsae Ranking. In the Men’s category, Jae-hwan Cho from South Korea is currently ranked first. Meanwhile, in the Women’s category, Min-seo Kim, also from South Korea, holds the top spot. In the Men’s Pairs category, Jintao Liu from China is ranked first, and in the Women’s Pairs category, Yeon-ji Kim and Ji-yoon Kim from South Korea are currently in the top position. It’s important to note that these rankings may change as competitions and events take place throughout the year.

How can I stay updated on upcoming Freestyle Poomsae events and rankings?

To stay informed about upcoming Freestyle Poomsae events and rankings, there are a few different options you can explore. One option is to follow official Freestyle Poomsae organizations and federations on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These organizations often post updates about upcoming events and share rankings.

Another option is to visit their official websites, where you can find event calendars and rankings. Additionally, you can join online forums or communities dedicated to Freestyle Poomsae. Members of these communities often share information about upcoming events and rankings. Lastly, subscribing to newsletters or email updates from relevant organizations can also ensure that you receive the latest information directly in your inbox.

What are the key rules and regulations to keep in mind when participating in WT Freestyle Poomsae competitions?

When participating in WT Freestyle Poomsae competitions, it is crucial to keep several key rules and regulations in mind. Firstly, competitors must showcase their creativity and technical skill through a series of choreographed movements in a freestyle manner. However, there are certain restrictions to be aware of.

Competitors must also stay within the designated competition area and follow the specified time limits for their performance. To ensure fair and successful participation, it is important to familiarize oneself with the specific rules and regulations set forth by the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) for Freestyle Poomsae competitions.

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